Biocor Stented Pericardial - Mitral

Mitral-Biocor-Stented-Tissue-Valve-Pericardial-1 Mitral-Biocor-Stented-Tissue-Valve-Pericardial-2 

Data provided by company:

  • Three precisely cut bovine pericardium leaflets are matched to optimize leaflet coaptation and reduce stress
  • The outflow edge is covered with a pericardial shield, providing a tissue-to-tissue interface to reduce the risk of abrasion
  • FlexFit™ stent reduces leaflet stress, adapts easily to annulus to enhance knot positioning, and returns stent posts to original shape after deflection
  • Low profile design provides optimal coronary ostia clearance

Comments Surgery:

  • Stented porcine valve, flexible stent adapts easily to annulus, low profile design (left ventricular outflow tract), 2 x 10-second rinse time, holder provides stent deflection

Comments Echocardiography:

  • No size-specific data on hemodynamic performance and no EOAi calculator available
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