Sapien XT, Third Generation

Edwards Sapien XT Third Generation Sizes

Comments Surgery:

  • Valve can be implated with transfemoral, transapical and transaortic approach for aortic position.
  • Valve can be implanted with transapical or transseptal approach for mitral position (valve-in-ring procedure).

Comments Echocardiography:

  • Quantification of common paravalvular aortic regugitationchallanging as most common critera fail. Holodiastolic abdominal aortic flow reversal a good sign of significant aortic regurgitation. Alternative: ((Diast. BP - LVEDP)/ Syst. BP)*100; values < 25 indicate relevant MR with reduced 1 year mortality 2
  • TEE is best for definition of exact etiology if regurgitation is significant
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