Carpentier-Edwards Prima Plus Stentless

Image Carpentier-Edwards Prima Plus Stentless

Data provided by company:

  • Bentall Procedure → least subject to geometric distortion
  • Mini Root → Implantation as an intact cylinder
  • Subcoronary → recquires scalloping of the valve. 

Comments Surgery:

  • Root replacement or subcoronary implantation, excellent hemodynamics due to stentless design, asymmetric implantation may cause regurgitation due to stentless design, coronary ostia of the bioprosthesis do not always fit to patients anatomy (root replacement) which requires adjustment

Comments Echocardiography:

  • Hemodynamic performance data published relates to PRIMA and not to PRIMA plus. According to manufacturer there is no difference in the hemodynamic performance
  • no EOAi calculator available
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